Apparel Product Image Editing | Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services

Outsource Image offer apparel product image editing and ghost mannequin image editing services to apparel/clothing businesses. We are specialized in invisible ghost mannequin photography editing and retouching services to online apparel stores.

Retouch clothing product images by outsourcing apparel product photo editing services at reasonable costs. Contact our apparel photography editing services provider and retouch bulk volume of apparel products at reasonable costs.

Apparel product editing services

Ghost mannequin image editing services

Multiple of the online store online selling apparels as well as many more brands, products, goods etc. The way of exposing in front to the customers decides the demands and values of the market of the existing products. Apparel photo retouching services to enhance your clothing stores with high-quality images. Our high-quality clothing/apparel photo editing services are categorized by,

Apparel Product Photo Editing Services which follows the below techniques are,

  • Ghost mannequin photo editing
  • Invisible ghost mannequin photo editing
  • Neck joint services
  • Neck adding/fixing services
  • Clothing color enhancement
  • Creases and scratches fixing
  • Brightness and contrast adjustments
  • Black and white effect addition
  • Adding white background
  • Stain removal from clothes
  • Cloth color changing
  • Photo editing for iron wrinkled clothes
  • Image straightening services
  • Removal of unwanted accessories
  • Image isolation and extraction
  • E-commerce image creation
  • Clipping path with original shadow image
  • Image resizing, cropping and enlarging
  • Cutting out images from its backgrounds
  • Combining front and back clothing portions
  • Fashion apparel image enhancement
  • Changing or replacing the color
  • Replacement of collars and neck joints
  • Erasing the scratches, spots, and wrinkles

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360-Degree Panorama Image Stitching Services to Property Photographers

Outsource Image offer 360 panoramic image stitching services to property photographers to stitch their photos using advanced panorama software. Our photographic image stitching experts will work on your images using advanced panoramic photo stitching software.

360 panorama image stitching

panorama photo stitching services

360-degree panorama stitching is also known as photo stitching of real estate’s photography which allows the customer to rotate the image and to circulate the image. This 360-degree panorama photo editing can unite many photos together to give a single combined panorama portrait images. Real estate photo stitching services to images get specialized and proper image stitching services with the help of latest panorama real estate photo panorama images at very low prices.

Panorama Photo Stitching Services to Real Estate, Architecture, and Aerial Photos

Panorama images are fully automated with recent updates and it often results in distortion and perspective errors. Panorama stitching used for more time-consuming in manual methods that are very precise. This panorama image makes the picture very sharp and lines up exactly. Panorama image uses the high dynamic range to many images together.


  • Image stitching services
  • HDR panorama enhancement
  • 360/180 degree spherical panoramic view
  • Inner/outer sphere panorama
  • Inner/outer cylinder panoramic view
  • 360-degree virtual tour services
  • Scenic post panorama
  • Store and fisheye panorama stitching
  • Real estate panorama
  • Image blending
  • Panorama photo montage services
  • 360-degree photo montage services

Benefits of 360 Panorama Photo Editing Services

  • Create more dramatic compelling images
  • Highlight more property features
  • Save money
  • Create new business
  • Stand out from the competition

Send your trial images to our panorama image stitching team and get free panoramic photo retouching service from us.

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Group Photo Editing Services | Group Photography Retouching Services

Enhance family/group photography and group photography using Photoshop and Lightroom tools. Photoshop and Lightroom experts in Outsource Image specialized in various digital image enhancement services such as image clipping services, image masking services, image manipulation services, image restoration services, image enhancement services, photo color correction services, photo illustration and portrait retouching services.

Retouching Family Photographs

Group Photo Editing and Retouching Services

Outsource group photo editing services to retouch group photos by adding and extracting image details. Outsource image is a popular group photography editing services to group/family photographers across the world.

Group Photo Editing Services Techniques are followed by,

Our family photo retouching experts can efficiently retouch your group photos using basic, medium and advanced level photo retouching techniques. To know more, contact our group photography editing experts and keep updated with our new image editing offers.

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Real Estate Property Photo Retouching Services to Photographers in Australia and Sweden

Real Estate Property Editing Services to Property Photographers

Real estate business impresses people on day by day. In online business industry, real estate images with high quality are the only source to become a successful business. Retouching and editing real estate property photos with real estate property editors can provide the unique and impressive look to your real estate photos.  Hence, Outsource real estate property editing services to real estate property photographers based in Australia and Sweden.

Real estate property retouching

Real estate property editing

Fix Real Estate Property Photos to Boost Real Estate Business

Fix real estate property photos with advanced real estate property retouching services. Real estate property retouching experts help property owners to clean their images before it’s going to advertise in online mediums. Photo editing techniques such as adding colors, removing excessive colors, brightness, shadows, and highlights, reducing grains and noise, adjusting lens angle, perspective correction changes, retouching gardens around the property, adding skies and replacement of skies instead of dull looking skies, changing attractive sky colors in your property photographs.

Real Estate Photo Editing Services Provider

Outsource image delivers high-quality real estate photo editing services to real estate photography industries across the world. We are one of the popular real estate photo editing company delivers flawless real estate photo editing and real estate photo retouching services to Sweden based real estate photographers and Australia real estate photography industries.

Our popular real estate photo editing services are followed by,

  • Real estate image enhancement
  • Adjusting the curves and levels
  • Correcting lenses
  • Correcting the vertical and horizontal perspectives
  • Brightening vignette edges
  • Still photo enhancement
  • Real estate color cast removal
  • Contrast and brightness adjustment
  • White balance adjustment
  • Under and over exposure adjustment
  • Highlighting the brightening shadows
  • HDR photos retouching
  • 360-degree panorama image stitching
  • 360-virtual tour creation
  • Real estate virtual staging services
  • Drone photo editing services
  • Holiday rental photography retouching
  • Aerial photo editing and retouching
  • Architectural image editing services
  • Photo color cast removal
  • Sky replacement/ Adding sky
  • Noise reduction and grains reduction
  • Angles adjustment in real estate photography
  • Adding and removing objects

Send 2 to 3 property photos and retouch it using our real estate photo editing experts. Our image editors can understand your imaging requirements and deliver the bulk volume of imaging outcomes within swift turnaround time.

Get real estate property image retouching services at reasonable costs. Feel free to contact Outsource Image.

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Product Image Clipping Path Services | Ecommerce Product Background Removal Services

Outsource image offer clipping path services to e-commerce products to remove from old backgrounds. Our product image clipping experts can put your cut out images to new transparent backgrounds. This image clipping path services technique is used for all type of image manipulation like image correction, image retouching, image restoration etc.

image clipping path services

image background removal services

It is an opportunity to cut out an image or removes a picture from unwanted backgrounds. The picture is in bitmap file or itself create the vector object. The clipping path service is needed for the advertisement, social media, marketing agencies of various business organizations etc.

Clipping path services to remove backgrounds are included here,

Send 2 to 3 images to remove from its old backdrops. Our image background removal service experts efficiently isolate your image old backdrops and add new backgrounds in a professional manner.

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Glamour Portrait Retouching Services | Glamour Photo Touchup Services

Looking to retouch your glamour photo shoots? Contact Outsource Image.  Get photo touch up services to model/fashion and glamour portraits. Outsource glamour photo editing services to fashion photographers and glamour photographers in worldwide.

Outsource Image offers a professional model photo retouching service and glamour photo retouching services for photographers, magazines, fashion models and agencies. Get glamour photo touch up services from our photo retouching team.

Glamour Photo Touchup Services

Glamour Portrait Retouching Services

Glamour Photo Retouching Services to the UK, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland,

Photo retouching starts at reasonable costs. And we also provide the reasonable discount for bulk retouching discount for orders for minimum 10 photos and more. Our model photo retouching services are mainly used for popular model/fashion photography and glamour portrait industries to retouch their pictures with advanced Photoshop image retouching techniques. Outsource model photo retouching services and get 100% satisfied glamour retouch services to your glamour photo shoots.

Professional Photo Retouching Services We also offer,

  • Headshot photo retouching services
  • Corporate photo retouching services
  • Fashion models skin retouching services
  • Body retouching & reshaping services
  • Wedding photo retouching services
  • Model portfolio retouching services
  • Catalogue retouching services
  • Damaged photo restoration services
  • General photo retouching services

Glamour Portrait Photographers, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Philippines, Poland etc.

Our glamour photography editing services mainly used for model photographers in Vancouver Canada, Sweden, Poland and Norway worked on our projects and satisfied with our 100% guaranteed services.

Send your trial images to our model photography editing team and get retouching service for free up to 5 images.

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Neck Joint Services in Photoshop | Ghost Mannequin Neck Fixing Services

Neck Joint Service was offered by outsource image with accurate image stitching technique of joining the front and back dresses images without making any imaging mistakes. Outsource image offers neck joint services/neck fixing services to garments business services providers, online cloth selling business provider and some of the fashion industries. Our ghost mannequin image editing experts are well trained and have an unbeatable skill to clip the dress or cloth images from the mannequin and add the back side dress to that cloth images by the high-end ghost mannequin photography editing technique.

Neck joint services

Ghost mannequin editing services

We will make your hide dress part of the back side view with best visible by this Neck Joint Service. 100% accuracy is our specialty and we are providing this service in past year decade without making any mistakes and our clients are achieving their business target by selling its cloth through online and some other fashion selling. Neck joint service is one of the best and important techniques for the E-commerce business owners to sell their various clothes like the shirt, paint, t-shirt, inner wear and all the women’s wear through online.

Neck Joint Services and Ghost Mannequin Removal Services to Apparel Photographers

Neck joint service and the Ghost Mannequin Removal service is the same editing technique the removing the dresses from the mannequin by the world best clipping Photoshop software and with the experienced editors. To expose your dress to this world you need the best advertisement with the great clipping path service.

If you need to cover a number of customers for your business and need to bring your business to the topmost position just get our Ghost Mannequin Removal service for your dress images. The dress photographer won’t have any care to take the image without the additional interrupts and disturbances. For example, the new cloth contains the price tag and the mannequins have the shadow behind it when the lighting is in front of the mannequin.

Neck joint ghost mannequin image editing techniques

Outsource image providing this ghost mannequin photo retouching service by the below-editing techniques like,

  • Color correction for the dress images
  • Apply the perfect clipping technique to remove the cloth from the mannequin
  • Making the invisible back side dress part to visible
  • Making the resizing to adjust the cloth size
  • Cleaning the label and price tag by the image retouching service
  • Remove the unwanted shadows and the unwanted dust, color and other interruptions on the cloth
  • Apply the image masking service to clip the complex imaging portions from the mannequin
  • Apply custom image editing techniques

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Panoramic 360 Image Stitching Services | Panorama Photo Stitching Services for Photographers

Get 360-panorama photo stitching services to stitch your multiple images to bring 360-degree panoramic view.

Real estate panoramic stitching services to bring the 360-degree authentic view to your real estate property photographs.

Image stitching services

360 Panorama Stitching Service

Outsource image offer 360 panorama stitching, 360 virtual tour creation and image stitching services to various countries like UK, USA, Germany, Poland, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, Jordan, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Morocco, Philippines, France, Spain, Italy,  Switzerland,, etc.

Outsource 360-panorama image enhancement services to real estate, architectural photographs at reasonable costs.


  • Image stitching services
  • HDR panorama enhancement
  • 360/180 degree spherical panoramic view
  • Inner/outer sphere panorama
  • Inner/outer cylinder panoramic view
  • 360-degree virtual tour services
  • Scenic post panorama stitching services
  • Store panorama stitching services
  • fisheye panorama stitching services
  • Real estate panorama stitching services
  • Image blending services
  • Stitch real estate photos together
  • Panorama virtual tour creation services

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Drone Photography Editing | Drone Image Editing | Drone Photographers Editing Services

Drone Image Editing Services for Drone Photographers

Editing Drone Images using various digital photo editing techniques. Drone photography is the trending digital photography which is used by real estate, tourism, landscape, wedding and other popular photography industries.

Drone image editing services

Drone Photography Editing for Aerial Photographers

Outsource image is a popular drone image editing services providing company helping photographers with our advanced digital image editing techniques.

  • Drone Image Perspective Correction
  • Drone Image Brightness and Contrast Adjustment
  • Drone Image Background Correction
  • Drone Photography Color Cast Removal
  • Drone Photography Color Correction
  • Drone Photography Hue/Saturation/Level Adjustments
  • Drone Photography Perspective Correction
  • Sky Color Change and Sky Replacement
  • 360-degree Drone Photography Panorama Creation
  • 360-degree Virtual Tours for Drone Photography
  • HDR Image Editing for Drone Photography
  • Drone Photo Day to Night Conversion
  • Drone Photography Blending
  • Natural Shadow Editing for Drone Photography
  • Drone Photo Density Correction

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Photo Post Processing Services Provider for Real Estate, Portrait and Product Photographers

Photo Post Processing Services for Photographers in UK, USA, and Europe Countries

Outsource image is a popular photo post processing services provider across the world. We have a team of experienced photo editing professionals who are experts in various photography industries like real estate, portrait, product, automotive, wedding etc. Our image editors will work on your photos and delivers superior quality imaging outcomes at reasonable costs. Outsource Photoshop post production services to Outsource Image and retouch your bulk volume of images within your budget level.

Photo Post Production Services

Photo Post Processing Services Provider

Real Estate Photo Post Production Services We Offer,

Portrait Retouching Services for Portrait Photographers

Product Retouching Services for Ecommerce Product Photographers

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