Image Masking Services in Outsource Image

Outsource Masking Services

Outsource image also offers image masking service. Image masking service is also same as clipping path service as well demanding service in the image industry. The best use of image masking service is avoiding blurry edges and shaggy portions of your images. The Photo masking service also includes removing the background, adding backgrounds, adding transparent background to your images. But some portions like hair parts, brush edges, human and animal hair parts will separate from our photo masking service and make it look more appropriate.


Clipping path service is not much suitable for removing shaggy and blurred edges of your photo memories that are why our expert graphic designers team using masking service to remove the unwanted furry portion of your images.

A victory of masking service is a key factor of image editing with new suitable background. It is difficult to process like clipping path and it takes a lot of time to apply masking service when the hair color combinations are changed between background color.

We offer following image masking techniques,

  • Alpha channel masking
  • Complex layer masking
  • Transparency masking and
  • Collage masking

Our experienced graphic designer’s team can efficiently understand your image circumstances, whether you want to make transparent background as well as white or color background they can smoothly extract background from your images and make your image appearance is more professional and deliver your imaging needs with high quality.

We handover exact image clipping path services as well as image masking services in volume. Our graphic designers using latest Photoshop technology tools based on your image quality and we will create a layer mask and alpha channels based on our client requirements.

Our image masking services,

  • Alpha Channel masking
  • Photoshop layer masking

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