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Outsource Image offers image editing services to your E-commerce business and personal needs. Perfect images are sounding familiar with every startup businesses; hence only most of the image editing companies is still running successfully. We are also one of the popular and standalone graphic designing and image editing services provider in India, we offer all types of digital photo editing services including clipping path, image masking, image retouching, photo manipulation and real estate image editing services.

Professional photo editing services provider

Image editing services

Outsource Image Editing Services

Depends on the images we will apply following image editing techniques to enhance your images are cropping and resizing, color correction, background change or background removal, face retouching, increasing and adjusting brightness and contrast appealing your portraits, digital image processing, and photo cleaning services.

Image Cropping and Resizing

By using this technique we can make your photo which is suitable for web promotion with help of trimming the edges and cropping the background size depends on your image size.

Image Clipping Path

We are achieving clipping path services which are used to remove unwanted backgrounds and objects appears in your photographs, by the help of Adobe tools, we can easily isolate your images from their unwanted backgrounds.

We are providing types of clipping services to work on your images are followed by,

Photo Manipulation Services

Is something impaired your photo shot? Contact our team; we will help you to bring new life to your faded images with our photo manipulation services at affordable rates and fast turnaround time.

Telling stories with shadows by the Professional Photo Editing Technique

Telling stories with shadows:

Shadows are one of the god’s gifts for every microscopic object in this world. Each and every part of the element will create the shadows by the daytime sunlight and night time moonlight. By this concept if you capture the images on your camera, sometimes it has a chance to capture the shadow images without our knowledge.

Our brain accepted these effects from long past times, so we won’t consider as an important and we all are hoping that it is one of us. But, indirectly it creates more meaning of its shadow images to public. Simply it is called as story telling images.

These incidents are all happening by natural and we can also create it’s with artificial by image editing Photoshop. We can create the meaningful shadow images to mention any of the statements, request and questions. It is customized process; by the knowledge of the skilled editors, we can draw the shadows behind the original images with creative, unique and reasonable.

It really creates the fun and popular to the environment. If you decide to tell a story you need to think and write the number of words to explain its concept and purpose, but in the image shadow representation, it is enough that to represent in a single image by this shadow.

How to create the shadow for your images?

In this digital world, it is easy to create the shadows of an image. Now we are going to create the shadow for an image by using Photoshop step by step method.

  • Open your image in the Adobe Photoshop
  • Also, open your background copy of that image in Photoshop
  • Make the name for the background layer as Layer ‘1’ and name as the main image as Layer ‘2’
  • Combine those two images into a single frame with clipping the main object into the background copy
  • Fix it as you need to create the shadow for that main object image into the background picture
  • First of all before start the shadow process make a layer copy of the Layer 2
  • Simply choosing the option of the drop shadow and at the same time, click the new layer option.
  • Now you will obtain the Layer 3 as a shadow layer which would need the further editing work in its size, color, and opacity
  • After that, we simply need to adjust the shadow image, which will be suitable for the main images as looks like a shadow.
  • It can be obtained by keeping fixing the midpoint of the shadow and turn settings as per our request
  • After that by using the brush tool erase the unwanted black line sand shadows on the object
  • Finally, you can get the image with 100% customized quality of output

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Photo Restoration Services

image restoration services

image retouching services

Background change/background removal services

adding transparent/white background

Background removal/ background change services


Image editing services, Image editing services in Bangalore, image editing services in india

Image editing services, Image editing services in Bangalore, image editing services in india

Outsource image offers highly effective and quality digital photo enhancement services with our image editing services. We are experienced graphic design company and we have experienced graphic designers. We have dealt with bundle of projects and deliver within a fast turnaround time period.
We offers Photo enhancement, photo editing, digital photo editing, cropping, color correction, image restoration, background change/removal, red eye correction, album design, morphing, special effects on portraits, Path fixing/clipping path, image masking, low resolution to high resolution conversion, black and white to color conversion, collages making, Photo manipulation and removing lens distortion.

Outsource Color Correction Services

Outsource Color Correction Services

Outsource image also offers color correction services for all your personal imaging needs, organizational needs whether it is a big or small project we can ready to overtake and provide cost effective services with fast turnaround time. Our graphic designers are using latest Photoshop techniques and proven color management techniques to colorize your images.

Our designers can have a capable to go through your images with their deep knowledge, then analyses the tone, color and density inequality and finally abolish the imbalances to make the picture the desired look depend upon our clients’ needs.

Improper white balances, improper exposure, inadequate light balance and some other types of factors make your photos look dull, so your old photo or treasured memories are getting spoiled and lose its value.

We provide following color correction services

  • White balance adjustments
  • Contrast, brightness adjustments
  • Sharpness adjustments
  • Color cast removal
  • Heighten and maintaining texture in balance and tones
  • Fixing contrast and density in different color channels
  • Solving improper exposure

We can do the color corrections and adjustment services manually, the final outcomes are more effective than machine outputs.



Benefits of Using Our Services:

Our excellent graphical experts’ team can directly work with your photos to improve the each and every single piece of color among your photographs. We analyze how important, precious, dramatic color clarity is to make a wonderful image.

We are doing following adjustments in color corrections services

  • Contrast adjustments
  • The Perfect the color saturation
  • And hues

Whatever you want to increase the image density and make an ideal service that we are ready to offer. We undertake on projects whether it is large or small, whether all you want to do adjusting hues and saturation as well poor clarity lighting and saturation effects. Let us take your needs through our image color correction or color management/enhancement services and turn them into the wonderful images for your personal and professional needs.


Photo editing services India, photo editing services in Bangalore.

Photo editing services India, photo editing services in Bangalore.

Outsource image offers Digital photo enhancement services with Photo editing, retouching, color correction, brightness adjustments, cropping, morphing, resolution conversion services, clipping path, image masking, removing lens distortion, photo manipulation services, Morphing, Low resolution to high resolution conversion, Black and white conversion, Background change or removal services