Photoshop Masking Services | Advanced Image Masking Services

Outsource Image is an excellent image masking services provider across the world. Our graphic designers are well experienced in removing unwanted backgrounds or objects appear in your portraits. Sometimes we cannot perform Photoshop clipping path services to your complex images, for that our graphic design professionals using a masking technique to edit your photos.

image masking services

Photoshop masking services

We offer two types of masking are alpha channel masking and Photoshop layer masking services. Clipping services are not providing 100% accurate results for complex portions of your images like hair parts, smokes, water flows, difficult cloth areas etc.,

Advantages of Image Masking Services:

  • Removing images from complex backgrounds
  • Representing your photos from arousing hair areas
  • Animals images through fluttering furs
  • Making diversity of usual items like trees, clothes, hair, and smoke etc.,
  • Isolate images from complex backgrounds

Types of Image Masking Services:

  • Alpha channel masking
  • Photoshop layer masking
  • Translucent layer masking

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