Telling stories with shadows by the Professional Photo Editing Technique

Telling stories with shadows:

Shadows are one of the god’s gifts for every microscopic object in this world. Each and every part of the element will create the shadows by the daytime sunlight and night time moonlight. By this concept if you capture the images on your camera, sometimes it has a chance to capture the shadow images without our knowledge.

Our brain accepted these effects from long past times, so we won’t consider as an important and we all are hoping that it is one of us. But, indirectly it creates more meaning of its shadow images to public. Simply it is called as story telling images.

These incidents are all happening by natural and we can also create it’s with artificial by image editing Photoshop. We can create the meaningful shadow images to mention any of the statements, request and questions. It is customized process; by the knowledge of the skilled editors, we can draw the shadows behind the original images with creative, unique and reasonable.

It really creates the fun and popular to the environment. If you decide to tell a story you need to think and write the number of words to explain its concept and purpose, but in the image shadow representation, it is enough that to represent in a single image by this shadow.

How to create the shadow for your images?

In this digital world, it is easy to create the shadows of an image. Now we are going to create the shadow for an image by using Photoshop step by step method.

  • Open your image in the Adobe Photoshop
  • Also, open your background copy of that image in Photoshop
  • Make the name for the background layer as Layer ‘1’ and name as the main image as Layer ‘2’
  • Combine those two images into a single frame with clipping the main object into the background copy
  • Fix it as you need to create the shadow for that main object image into the background picture
  • First of all before start the shadow process make a layer copy of the Layer 2
  • Simply choosing the option of the drop shadow and at the same time, click the new layer option.
  • Now you will obtain the Layer 3 as a shadow layer which would need the further editing work in its size, color, and opacity
  • After that, we simply need to adjust the shadow image, which will be suitable for the main images as looks like a shadow.
  • It can be obtained by keeping fixing the midpoint of the shadow and turn settings as per our request
  • After that by using the brush tool erase the unwanted black line sand shadows on the object
  • Finally, you can get the image with 100% customized quality of output

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