Surreal Photo Manipulation Versus Amazing artworks

Surreal Photo Manipulation Versus Amazing artworks:

Surreal Image Manipulation Services

Surreal Image Manipulation Services

Surreal Photo Manipulation is reflected the graphic designers actual talent and imagination skills. Yes, it is an extreme level of thoughts for the editor’s imagination. The artwork is also having the same hard work, but is not like that entirely different appearance, but surreal Photo Manipulation is the entirely different from its basic artistic structure.

Artwork can also be converted from the digital drawings or original photography. Simply we say means surreal photography will create you the fun and humor, but artwork can be used for the purpose of business and commercial purpose, so it will not create that type of comedy sense.

But most of the realistically oriented business companies are using this surreal illustration for the purpose of impressing the customers as soon. Surreal photography gives you the imagination effect with real photography.

The artwork is a simple work which is established for the simple process from Adobe Photoshop. Which are already you all known about that?

How to create the Surreal Manipulation artworks in Adobe Photoshop?

  • First of all select, the images which you need to make a surreal manipulation as two images to combine with Image Masking techniques
  • Then select the image from Photoshop and make the settings of resolution 300 with the width is 1400 and height are 2100.
  • And then import the second photos into the Adobe Photoshop
  • Name as the first image as Image1 and second image as Image2
  • Apply the layer Masking techniques between those images
  • We think that you all well known about the layer masking by adjusting the opacity
  • After that, go the color adjustment process
  • From the adjustment layer which is at the bottom of the panel, you can adjust the color
  • After highlighting the layers adjusting the color by setting the saturation from -30 to +30 at the Huge/saturation panel
  • Then adjust the curve by gradient and linear gradient as the regular process as it is
  • Still now we don’t enter into the surreal editing, but we are going now to that process by adding another image that which is needed to be added to get graphic designs
  • Import that image to Photoshop and plan yourself to create the surreal effect after adding this image.
  • Add this image and apply the same step of layer masking, color adjustment, and curve adjustment as you need

Now you can obtain the image which contains the surreal effect for your expectation. Here We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company “Outsource Image” that specializes & pioneering in ‘Photo Editing’ business for the past 5 years.

We at Outsource Image delivers the highest quality of Image Manipulation Services just to enhance the visual aspects of the photography.



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