Professional Watermark Adding Services

Professional Watermark Adding Services

What is actually a watermark?

A watermark is the one which you put into your photographs before publication. The main reason behind using the watermark is marketing and theft protection which is suited well for online business.

Watermark Creation Services:

We are providing the watermark creation service across Australia, United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Norway, Canada, Denmark, Sweeden, New Zealand, Singapore, Africa, India, China and Europe.

Whatever may be your needs… According to that, our designers will create an eye-popping and professional watermarking. Our watermarking creation services proffers some of the exclusive watermark creations that include:

  • Creating your company name
  • Creating your company’s copyright symbol
  • Creating Electronic Mail address
  • Creating your Website address
  • Creating the company’s logo and dates

And the thing you have to concentrate more when putting watermark is “Placing the Watermark in correct place”. Generally, fixing the watermark in the bottom right side corner is enough and it seems as professional.

Professional Image Editing Services

Outsource Image

Our excellent team of graphic designers is well versed in creating all types of watermarking available in the industry. Some of our ongoing projects on watermark creation for our beneficial customers are listed below:

  • Generic text watermark
  • Specific text watermark
  • Image watermark
  • Copyright watermark
  • Embedded watermark

Generic text watermark just explains a few details and information. Specific text watermark includes the text message of website name and company name. An icon or logo is created as a watermark in the Image watermark creation.

As we all know very well copyright watermark is put on the image in order to protect the image from others who are trying to steal. Last but not least, the Embedded watermark is not visible to others because it is found in the image data file.


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