Outsource White Balance Adjustment Services


Outsource image also does the white balance adjustments in your real estate images or other kind of portraits. A white balance adjustment is one of the main important aspects of your photos. The color of a portraits damaged by the lighting circumstances when it was taken. Our vision can able to reimburse for different types of lighting conditions. Commonly the white objects always appear with same color saturation whether it’s seen in indoor or outdoor or sunlight or fluorescent light effects.



We at Outsource image can able to understand your business needs and provide extraordinary outcomes within a turnaround time schedule. We at Outsource image always ready to provide any kind of image editing services as per your wants. With our white balance adjustments we will give natural shiny effects to your images and make it look lively.We honor ourselves that we offer cost effective services to our customers and satisfied their needs within the allocated time period.

What is White Balance?

White balance is the process of measuring the lighting, color balance presence in your photograph. Through our services we can give the desired color to your images and make it look natural.

The following steps are involved in white balance adjustment process:

  • Understand what white balance is and how it will be affecting your photos you have taken.
  • Find out what kind of white balance settings affect your portraits
  • Apply auto, cloudy, daylight, white balance settings in your images
  • Adjust white balance settings to get a suitable color or natural effects to your photos
  • Use the color balance adjustments to recover your images with natural color and light effects.

Providing effective image portals to your business is a difficult challenge in the competitive market. You can attract the customers not only the image was taken by you, you have to make dramatic changes to your images and make it lively and natural, and then only you can promote your business online. If you promote effective and high quality images, the visitors will increase automatically.

We are doing white balance adjustments for automatic white balance, shady, daylight, cloudy light, flash, tungsten, fluorescent light adjustments, preset white balance and manual white balance.

We assure that we can provide extraordinary outputs depending on your needs. For more details contact our team as soon as possible.

Why outsource image?

  • We are a standard graphic designing company located in Bangalore
  • 24 hours working company
  • We provide a cost effective image editing/Photo editing services
  • We deliver your services within the turnaround time.
  • 100 % quality services
  • Wide range of satisfied clients who are getting benefits from us.
  • Privacy guaranteed.

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